Friday, January 30, 2015


As I said, I am in the world but I don't have to be OF the world.
That makes me better than you, right?  WRONG!  Just because I belong to God and His words flow from me, I still slip up on occasion...

"I am a wicked man, oh Lord.
Deceit is on my breath!
I think of ways that are my own,
but they result in death!
My tongue devises falsities
then lies to cover such!
I am no better than the lowest...
how did I lose touch?!
How did I come to love the wrong,
ignoring what is right?
Why is it that iniquities
cause me to take delight?
Where have gone the days when I
would humble and repent?
Why am I not ashamed of crime?
Why do I not lament?

O my God, You and Your Word
have warned me of this day!!
You said that men would turn their backs
upon the Narrow Way.
BUT GOD, I swore that I would not,
and look, look at me now:
loving that which is a sin,
forsaking, Lord, Your vow!

Oh Father, I am sorry for
desiring the wrong.
O change me, that my heart would prove,
to You, I do belong!
I know that You are merciful;
I know, Lord, that You heal;
o turn me from my wicked ways,
Your Own ways to reveal!"

"Slip up?"  No.  I knew what I was doing and I outright sinned!  However, I serve a God of mercy and a Lord of forgiveness.  I have appealed to them and I know that they are faithful!
I pray that YOU have such assurance, too.

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