Friday, January 2, 2015

One Apology

Looking at some people...
Watching loved ones...
Visiting some old friends...
Relationships take work.  In relationships, the gamut of emotions be run!
That said, one of the most difficult duties is an apology...

Why is it that apologies
are oh so hard to find?
Is it because "proud" is how
we each have been designed?
Two little words, "I'm sorry," yet
so difficult to say;
is it because I must be right?
I must have my own way?

O so very difficult-
the first one to give in?
But don't you know how cruel and
how hateful they have been?
The statements they have said to me,
"I'm sorry" is not one!
Can't I forgive them anyway
and call this issue "done!"?

But is it yet TOO difficult
to do what needs to be?
Forgiveness has to happen and
it must begin with me!
I have to set aside the hurt
and move beyond the pain
if I want that relationship
to grow at all again.

Unforgiveness.  What a wretched way to end the year!
Bitterness.  What a horrible way to start the new year!
An apology.  What a priceless gift to give someone to help US move forward into the year that God has planned for us!
Don't hold back!

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