Saturday, January 17, 2015

On our way back

Let's go for a ride!!

So high above creation

with metal all around!
In a place of silence...
so deafening the sound!
Scenery to be of which
to comfort...and deceive!
The landscape that is underneath
too wondrous to believe!

Pillows unto marshmallows...
ocean waves to sheep...
rolling hills of ivory...
mountaintops so steep!
The eyes to surely play a game
about the atmosphere-
God's amazing...
even way up here!!

Chasing after daylight as
we head into the west.
Cast aside the pencil now
and savor only rest?
Be amazed regardless, soaring
through the glory sky
above creation in creation,
seven miles high!

Eventually, we had to land!
For some, this is a daily occurrence.  For others, a few times in life.  For still others, these words and images are yet foreign.  Whatever category you are in, never take ANY day for granted nor the wonder that each be replete with!

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