Thursday, January 29, 2015

News Report

Though I be IN the world, I do NOT have to be OF the world...

I do not have to base my life
on what is on the news;
I do not have to live my life
based on "somebody's" views!
I have the Father, Son and Spirit
in me so alive,
and as I follow what THEY say,
I know I will arrive!
For God is greater than what men
attempt to generate.
Though violence be in the heart,
but God remaineth great!
He is holy!  He is awesome!
All of Him is good,
and He directs mine every step
like not another could!

God--for He gives life to me,
and He directs the same!
He causes me desire Him
and praise His holy Name!
He gives assurance when this world
attempts to overtake.
I will arrive--for He knows
everything that is at stake!

Assurance.  When you belong to God, you have assurance deep inside, and that assurance steadies you no matter what is going on in the world...or what they are reporting on the news!


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