Friday, January 9, 2015

Longing still

Through the day...through situations that rise and fall...through times of rest I am reminded

"How long again?  So overdue
is the return, return of You!
You told us that You would return.
That statement now most men would spurn!

"Yet, even so, come quickly, Lord!"
remains my heartfelt cry!
Oh Lord, that You would come again
and cause Your Own to fly!
Establish, Lord, Your kingdom in
that Paradise Your Own,
where purity, integrity
and peace be surely known!

Come quickly, oh, come quickly,
we long for only You!
You make Your Presence known in
everything we say and do!
But make Your Presence very present
as we see that realm
where is only goodness, Lord,
with Jesus at the helm!

"Come quickly, oh, come quickly!"
all of life to resonate!
O trumpet blast, yes, at last,
that we may celebrate!
No more imperfection.  No more
"darkly...through a glass;"
o but face to face, with Christ our Grace-
eternally to pass!!

Again, the soul to cry out "Jesus, come again!!"
But we will yet press on, trusting that more would recognize Him as their Savior when He arrives!

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