Monday, January 26, 2015


There is so much going on in life.  God has too many things orchestrated and happening at all times for us to even comprehend!  Some times, we question why something happened the way that it did, or why certain people are put into our lives at certain times...

Remember me?  I prayed for you
when the doctor just shook his head.
I did not know just how to pray,
but I stayed Spirit-led...
Remember Me?  I prayed for you
when you said you were lost.
We prayed until God told us to
and counted not the cost...
Remember me?  I stayed with you
until the pain was past.
That's how much you mean to us-
on His heart you are cast!
Remember me?  I gave to you
when you expressed that need.
God, He told me just how much
to help Him intercede.

Remember me?  Good!  For that's
the way that it should be!
We should seek no recognition
but transparency
so that God--HE would be glorified
with praise and thanks His-way.
Recall the deed.  Forget me, though,
that Christ I might convey!

IT'S ALL GOD!  He knows all the reasons for all things.
Anymore, one of the staples of my prayers is
"Father, what are we going to do today and how are you going to use it for your glory?"

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