Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hurry up, Lord!

"Come again!  Come again!
Come quickly, Jesus Lord!
We long to be with You in Heaven-
all of life restored!
We long to see You constantly,
to worship at Your feet...
we long to gaze upon Your grandeur
at Your Royal seat!

Come again, yes, come again!
Return, Ye, with all haste!
We long for ALL of this old world
and living be erased!
We know that what You have in store
for us, it is the best;
and it is there for everyone
that has, Your Name, confessed!

Come again, yea, come again-
for You contain each heart!
Jesus, Savior, Friend and Lord,
we're longing to depart
and be with You forever, Lord,
in Paradise awaiting!
Jesus, Jesus, Your return
we are anticipating!!"

We are anticipating...RAPTURE!
Heaven life at last...WITH JESUS! 
Oh, won't it be wonderful?  No more more more more more suffering...just serving Jesus and enjoying that which He has in store for His Own!
I want to see YOU there, too!

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