Saturday, January 24, 2015

Humbly good!

"I don't partake of that.  I'm better than you!"
"I don't drink that.  I'm better than you!"
I don't go to those places.  I'm better than you!"
And the lies accumulate.

Living in integrity
o blessed be the day!
Inside of every man exists
a knowledge of The Way.
It takes a mighty effort to
reside upon the good;
without the help of ALL of God
there be no man that could!

Living in integrity
takes Jesus all the time.
Ignore Him, and iniquity
is constantly to climb!

A battle is to be each day
without a man in sight;
but cling to Jesus with the heart
and He will thwart that plight!

Living in integrity-
it's not a badge of pride!
We must deny/defy the 'self'
to keep it deep inside!
It is a fruit of following
each step that Jesus trod.
Living in integrity-
it is a gift of God!

If we have anything to boast in, it is that God is living inside of us and that which is good is Him flowing through us.
We are to pray for them that are involved in things that we might oppose, not boast in the fact that we might be better than they are!

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