Monday, January 5, 2015


Focus again.
Focus!  Focus!  Focus!
I could pen words from now until the end of time, but unless God inspires them and puts them where they belong, that's all they'll ever be--words!
The Holy Spirit takes hold of them, though...  Excuse me, Holy Spirit takes hold of ME and causes words to flow and bless.
Often, I must stop, clear my mind and my paper, and reaffirm "Lord, these are YOUR talents.  What do YOU want them to say?"
So I get out the Bible, (Poet's Edition,) and read Psalm 9:

"Oh God, I long to worship and
adore You with my heart!
To serve You with my being, Lord,
yes, every single part!
To give to You all that I can
for You to utilize;
conform me that, in ALL of me,
there's You to recognize!

Oh God, I long to find, in You,

that refuge that is real!
This world, it offers counterfeit,
with motives to conceal!
But You, for You are real and have
my very best in mind;
therefore, I know that rest and
restoration I will find!

O God, I long to find in You

that mercy and relief.
You've made for me a path that so
delivers me from grief!
All of me is Your concern,
thus, all of You, I crave!
I am Yours and You are mine-
deliver, heal and save!"

Faithful God.

I know that when I cry out to Him to help me focus once more, He causes all of that which distracts me from Him to somehow fade away!  He reveals Himself to me again in REAL ways that cause the words to flow once again!

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