Monday, January 19, 2015


It is absolutely amazing (and painful) how much damage can be done with words and whispers...

That which I have told you in
the Presence of but One-
how long will you declare it?  How much
damage will be done?
The contents of the heart...
the feelings in a flash...
even something said in pain
have caused an ugly crash!

So many are the issues come

of just one lone event;
so many are the prides that must
be broken to repent!
To elevate myself, I must
get down upon my face-
there to fully see the truth
and know that healing grace!

But what I said has made the rounds,
"embellished" here and there.
I stand yet by my Savior's side
where there is truth and care!
How many are to rise above
and join me in this place?
But them that have God's character
and bask NOT in disgrace!

Are any of these words familiar to you?
Have you been hurt by a person or a situation? 

I think we all have.  But what are we going to do about it? Will you stand by and join the gossip?  Or will you stand up and put a stop to it?

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