Sunday, January 18, 2015


The pain.  It hurts. 
Do you realize who is doing what?!
Does ANYONE know what I am going through?!
But Truth cries out

"Arise, o man of God!
O take courage in His Word!
Life--it yet goes on, and though
this issue is occurred,
not a thing escapes His sight,
no trouble, no deceit-
for God is with you through it all,
His recompense complete!

O man of God, the pain, the stress,
the worry of it all
is meant to strengthen us, and not
attempt to make us fall!
Deep waters are to make you move,
not always for distress...
see the hand of God IN ALL
and, surely, you'll progress!
And, over all, o man of God,
be solid in The Word!
When trials seem to overwhelm
recall the little bird:
His eye is on each one of them
and they stay in His hand;
arise, therefore, o man of God,
and boldly take a stand!"

Do you realize the pain of what is going on? 

Can you relate to the opening sentences of this message?  If so, Jesus Himself relates to you and would share this poem with your heart...with your mind...with every fiber of your being!  Receive this truth into your heart and GROW from the life of it!!

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