Tuesday, January 27, 2015


That which I have need of if
I want to know success,
He reveals unto me or,
out of His hand, He'll bless...

That which I desire if
I want to have some fun,
it is given to me when
I say "Your will be done..."

That which is invisible
as yet upon The Way
He prepares me for, that I
be ready for that day!

And that which happens to me
coming as complete surprise,
it is completely known to Him-
He's seen it with His eyes!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord of all
and Knower of all things,
my life, it yearns for all of You,
my heart, for You it sings!
My soul and spirit also, for
they long for You always-
knowing I shall be with You
when gone are earthly days!
When gone are earthly days
Perfection be always!
Sweet Heaven be the sum!
O come, Lord Jesus, come!"

Are you that secure in Jesus in this life?  You can be!  Sometimes, it is a battle.  But He is The Victor!  The battle belongs to Him!

Keep trusting.  Keep praising.  He is worthy!

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