Saturday, January 31, 2015

A life anew!

Integrity--What a way of life!
Is it possible?  Is it achievable in this life?

O that I become a man

of integrity!
Not to rejoice in corruption,
but down upon my knee
implore the truth...ignore temptation...
seek the best in life;
'embellishments' can take the truth
and carve it like a knife!

O that I remain a man
of integrity;
forgiving each shortcoming
long before it's asked of me.
For there are situations, Lord,
that nobody can win
unless we shun iniquity
and give no place to sin!

O that each of us become
one of integrity-
just think of the cooperation
and peace that would be!
Whisperings to disappear,
ungodly motives, too!
'Integrity' to surely be
a way of life anew!

Integrity--but as defined
and required by God!
I'm sure, a very different walk
for each of us to trod!

As we strive to do our best for God, let us also aim for living God to our fellow man.  Not everybody out there believes the way we do, but God still loves and seeks the hearts of each of them.

May we do the same.

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