Saturday, January 31, 2015

A life anew!

Integrity--What a way of life!
Is it possible?  Is it achievable in this life?

O that I become a man

of integrity!
Not to rejoice in corruption,
but down upon my knee
implore the truth...ignore temptation...
seek the best in life;
'embellishments' can take the truth
and carve it like a knife!

O that I remain a man
of integrity;
forgiving each shortcoming
long before it's asked of me.
For there are situations, Lord,
that nobody can win
unless we shun iniquity
and give no place to sin!

O that each of us become
one of integrity-
just think of the cooperation
and peace that would be!
Whisperings to disappear,
ungodly motives, too!
'Integrity' to surely be
a way of life anew!

Integrity--but as defined
and required by God!
I'm sure, a very different walk
for each of us to trod!

As we strive to do our best for God, let us also aim for living God to our fellow man.  Not everybody out there believes the way we do, but God still loves and seeks the hearts of each of them.

May we do the same.

Friday, January 30, 2015


As I said, I am in the world but I don't have to be OF the world.
That makes me better than you, right?  WRONG!  Just because I belong to God and His words flow from me, I still slip up on occasion...

"I am a wicked man, oh Lord.
Deceit is on my breath!
I think of ways that are my own,
but they result in death!
My tongue devises falsities
then lies to cover such!
I am no better than the lowest...
how did I lose touch?!
How did I come to love the wrong,
ignoring what is right?
Why is it that iniquities
cause me to take delight?
Where have gone the days when I
would humble and repent?
Why am I not ashamed of crime?
Why do I not lament?

O my God, You and Your Word
have warned me of this day!!
You said that men would turn their backs
upon the Narrow Way.
BUT GOD, I swore that I would not,
and look, look at me now:
loving that which is a sin,
forsaking, Lord, Your vow!

Oh Father, I am sorry for
desiring the wrong.
O change me, that my heart would prove,
to You, I do belong!
I know that You are merciful;
I know, Lord, that You heal;
o turn me from my wicked ways,
Your Own ways to reveal!"

"Slip up?"  No.  I knew what I was doing and I outright sinned!  However, I serve a God of mercy and a Lord of forgiveness.  I have appealed to them and I know that they are faithful!
I pray that YOU have such assurance, too.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

News Report

Though I be IN the world, I do NOT have to be OF the world...

I do not have to base my life
on what is on the news;
I do not have to live my life
based on "somebody's" views!
I have the Father, Son and Spirit
in me so alive,
and as I follow what THEY say,
I know I will arrive!
For God is greater than what men
attempt to generate.
Though violence be in the heart,
but God remaineth great!
He is holy!  He is awesome!
All of Him is good,
and He directs mine every step
like not another could!

God--for He gives life to me,
and He directs the same!
He causes me desire Him
and praise His holy Name!
He gives assurance when this world
attempts to overtake.
I will arrive--for He knows
everything that is at stake!

Assurance.  When you belong to God, you have assurance deep inside, and that assurance steadies you no matter what is going on in the world...or what they are reporting on the news!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


God's wonderful matter how small!

Still...beneath a hummingbird
oblivious to me?
As long as there be nectar, it's like
that is all they see!
Even when I stand and hold
the feeder with my hand,
with very little apprehension,
still, they come and land!

Yet one more example of
God's wonderful creation.
This hummingbird becomes another
way of celebration!
Causing me to glorify
Creator God once more;
causing yet my joy and wonder
once again to soar!!

But to celebrate while being
absolutely still
as he returns unto the fount
that, frequently, we fill!
God Creator, once again
to thrill and fascinate
with such a complex, simple treasure
for which I must wait!

Before we left mom's, the hummingbird would come to perch on the feeder and I would gently rub its belly.  He would jump when he had enough of me, and land again when I put my hand down.  What a blessing!  Amazing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


That which I have need of if
I want to know success,
He reveals unto me or,
out of His hand, He'll bless...

That which I desire if
I want to have some fun,
it is given to me when
I say "Your will be done..."

That which is invisible
as yet upon The Way
He prepares me for, that I
be ready for that day!

And that which happens to me
coming as complete surprise,
it is completely known to Him-
He's seen it with His eyes!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord of all
and Knower of all things,
my life, it yearns for all of You,
my heart, for You it sings!
My soul and spirit also, for
they long for You always-
knowing I shall be with You
when gone are earthly days!
When gone are earthly days
Perfection be always!
Sweet Heaven be the sum!
O come, Lord Jesus, come!"

Are you that secure in Jesus in this life?  You can be!  Sometimes, it is a battle.  But He is The Victor!  The battle belongs to Him!

Keep trusting.  Keep praising.  He is worthy!

Monday, January 26, 2015


There is so much going on in life.  God has too many things orchestrated and happening at all times for us to even comprehend!  Some times, we question why something happened the way that it did, or why certain people are put into our lives at certain times...

Remember me?  I prayed for you
when the doctor just shook his head.
I did not know just how to pray,
but I stayed Spirit-led...
Remember Me?  I prayed for you
when you said you were lost.
We prayed until God told us to
and counted not the cost...
Remember me?  I stayed with you
until the pain was past.
That's how much you mean to us-
on His heart you are cast!
Remember me?  I gave to you
when you expressed that need.
God, He told me just how much
to help Him intercede.

Remember me?  Good!  For that's
the way that it should be!
We should seek no recognition
but transparency
so that God--HE would be glorified
with praise and thanks His-way.
Recall the deed.  Forget me, though,
that Christ I might convey!

IT'S ALL GOD!  He knows all the reasons for all things.
Anymore, one of the staples of my prayers is
"Father, what are we going to do today and how are you going to use it for your glory?"

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Humbly good!

"I don't partake of that.  I'm better than you!"
"I don't drink that.  I'm better than you!"
I don't go to those places.  I'm better than you!"
And the lies accumulate.

Living in integrity
o blessed be the day!
Inside of every man exists
a knowledge of The Way.
It takes a mighty effort to
reside upon the good;
without the help of ALL of God
there be no man that could!

Living in integrity
takes Jesus all the time.
Ignore Him, and iniquity
is constantly to climb!

A battle is to be each day
without a man in sight;
but cling to Jesus with the heart
and He will thwart that plight!

Living in integrity-
it's not a badge of pride!
We must deny/defy the 'self'
to keep it deep inside!
It is a fruit of following
each step that Jesus trod.
Living in integrity-
it is a gift of God!

If we have anything to boast in, it is that God is living inside of us and that which is good is Him flowing through us.
We are to pray for them that are involved in things that we might oppose, not boast in the fact that we might be better than they are!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Starting the day

Another beautiful day.
Once again, God provides us with all that we will need to face all that life will contain today, and He orders our steps.  It is up to each one of us to follow those steps and utilize those tools.

Watching morning formulate,

the making of the day.
I call on God, creator God,
in Jesus' Name I pray.
Walking with Him...talking with Him...
listening and hearing...
all the while witnessing
what he holds so endearing;
deer upon the meadow in
the valley over there...
hawks so slow upon the glide,
suspended in the air...
rolling hills and rivers as
they are meandering south...
all the while, trying to
manipulate my mouth!
What are words as I behold
Jehovah God creating?!
O, but time should come to halt
as life is celebrating!!
For yourself behold the touch
of God upon the land
at just the whisper of His voice
and moving of His hand!!

It is not for me to fret and ask what this day will contain, it IS up to me to be prepared and stand ready for the wonder of it.  I can only do that by talking with Jesus and reading The Bible!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Live 'GOOD' on purpose

"It's a bad, bad world out there.  Just look around.  You don't have to look very far to see just how horrible life can be."

This is true, but some would have you believe that this is the ONLY truth!  NOT TRUE!
It is also true that there is a lot of GOOD going on out there.  You will not, however, see very much of that reported, broadcast or written about.  "It just doesn't bring in that much ratings."
However, I will write about "good" on purpose as often as I am led to!  Who will listen?

So very much is happening,
so much for to enjoy.
O celebrate but life itself,
and let far less annoy!
Take heart in the simplicity
of Jesus and His touch;
be grateful for so little...then
He will bless you with much!

The song of little children...
the fragrance in the air...
the wonder that so resonates-
but nothing may compare!
The taste of something off the vine...
the summer county fair...
even a neighbor waving "Hi!"
simplicity to share!

So busy, busy, busy...
we do not have to be!
Make the time to take the time
and revel in the glee!
Labor will be waiting at
the time when we are done;
you may just find a better life
at that point has begun!

Take time to enjoy life.  It's not going to slow down for you.  You must take the time!
God is good, too.  Don't forget to enjoy Him!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rest Stop

What...where...and when is my refuge?

In the peace of Autumn
my Refuge I enjoy.
Beholding of the living blaze-
what praises to employ!
My Refuge is my Father and
I praise His mighty Name!
Creator of creation and
the Artist of the flame!

Again, the glory of the fall
in radiance abounding.
Praise and worship unto God-
also, it be resounding!
Bow before His Majesty
as He creates the same,
and as the spectrum comes to life
sing praises to His Name!

"Glory, glory unto You, Creator!
Praise and adoration is Your Own!
As we bear witness of You in creation
reverential worship become known!"

In the peace of autumn,
Lord, we retreat to You!
In Your awesome Presence we
so clarify our view!
We see Your arm extended,
the working of Your hand,
and we join all creation as
we praise You in this land!

If there is no other place to 'escape,' just look out the window...into the the far mountains... any place where His evidence shines!  Cry out His Name and He will lift you up!

Monday, January 19, 2015


It is absolutely amazing (and painful) how much damage can be done with words and whispers...

That which I have told you in
the Presence of but One-
how long will you declare it?  How much
damage will be done?
The contents of the heart...
the feelings in a flash...
even something said in pain
have caused an ugly crash!

So many are the issues come

of just one lone event;
so many are the prides that must
be broken to repent!
To elevate myself, I must
get down upon my face-
there to fully see the truth
and know that healing grace!

But what I said has made the rounds,
"embellished" here and there.
I stand yet by my Savior's side
where there is truth and care!
How many are to rise above
and join me in this place?
But them that have God's character
and bask NOT in disgrace!

Are any of these words familiar to you?
Have you been hurt by a person or a situation? 

I think we all have.  But what are we going to do about it? Will you stand by and join the gossip?  Or will you stand up and put a stop to it?

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The pain.  It hurts. 
Do you realize who is doing what?!
Does ANYONE know what I am going through?!
But Truth cries out

"Arise, o man of God!
O take courage in His Word!
Life--it yet goes on, and though
this issue is occurred,
not a thing escapes His sight,
no trouble, no deceit-
for God is with you through it all,
His recompense complete!

O man of God, the pain, the stress,
the worry of it all
is meant to strengthen us, and not
attempt to make us fall!
Deep waters are to make you move,
not always for distress...
see the hand of God IN ALL
and, surely, you'll progress!
And, over all, o man of God,
be solid in The Word!
When trials seem to overwhelm
recall the little bird:
His eye is on each one of them
and they stay in His hand;
arise, therefore, o man of God,
and boldly take a stand!"

Do you realize the pain of what is going on? 

Can you relate to the opening sentences of this message?  If so, Jesus Himself relates to you and would share this poem with your heart...with your mind...with every fiber of your being!  Receive this truth into your heart and GROW from the life of it!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

On our way back

Let's go for a ride!!

So high above creation

with metal all around!
In a place of silence...
so deafening the sound!
Scenery to be of which
to comfort...and deceive!
The landscape that is underneath
too wondrous to believe!

Pillows unto marshmallows...
ocean waves to sheep...
rolling hills of ivory...
mountaintops so steep!
The eyes to surely play a game
about the atmosphere-
God's amazing...
even way up here!!

Chasing after daylight as
we head into the west.
Cast aside the pencil now
and savor only rest?
Be amazed regardless, soaring
through the glory sky
above creation in creation,
seven miles high!

Eventually, we had to land!
For some, this is a daily occurrence.  For others, a few times in life.  For still others, these words and images are yet foreign.  Whatever category you are in, never take ANY day for granted nor the wonder that each be replete with!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"What shall be said?"

Do you ever wonder that when you go to prayer?  Or how about just having a casual conversation with Jesus?

So many words have I to say,

but, God, make them Your own!
I can prejudice them, Lord,
but not if YOU are known!
They may not be the easiest
for man to read or hear,
but when YOU are the inspiration
Your Truth will be clear!
As I avail my pen to what
You want the page to say,
someone will be blessed, convicted
or be changed today!
So is the prayer of this writer
as I yield to You,
picking up the pen and paper
seeking that anew!

So many words I want to say-
I give them all to You
Arrange and rearrange them that,
the most good, they will do!
For Your glory and Yours only-
let YOUR will be done
all with breath to praise You, Father,
Spirit and The Son!"

So many words?  I hope not!!  I hope that Life is seen and felt and heard in all of the words that come from this man!  You never know who is listening...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tomorrow without me...

One more day closer to Jesus.  How many more days to go?
Do you even think about that?

When tomorrow starts without me
I know life will go on.
To almost everybody else,
it's just another dawn;
to them that dearly love me
it may be a sadder day;
but if tomorrow starts without me
I will sing, rejoice and play!
'Cause when tomorrow starts without me
I'll be in another place.
I will o longer be in pain,
I will be with His Grace!
All the stresses of this life
I will recall no more;
I'll be enjoying Jesus Christ
and what He has in store!

If tomorrow starts without me
I won't lose my life...I'LL WIN!
In that place will I be free
from ugliness and sin!
I actually look forward to
that "tomorrow" just ahead
when I release this world and,
by Jesus, I am led!

There will definitely be tomorrows.  One of them will eventually be without our presence here.  Do you have plans for that day?  I know I do, and I certainly pray that you do, also!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hurry up, Lord!

"Come again!  Come again!
Come quickly, Jesus Lord!
We long to be with You in Heaven-
all of life restored!
We long to see You constantly,
to worship at Your feet...
we long to gaze upon Your grandeur
at Your Royal seat!

Come again, yes, come again!
Return, Ye, with all haste!
We long for ALL of this old world
and living be erased!
We know that what You have in store
for us, it is the best;
and it is there for everyone
that has, Your Name, confessed!

Come again, yea, come again-
for You contain each heart!
Jesus, Savior, Friend and Lord,
we're longing to depart
and be with You forever, Lord,
in Paradise awaiting!
Jesus, Jesus, Your return
we are anticipating!!"

We are anticipating...RAPTURE!
Heaven life at last...WITH JESUS! 
Oh, won't it be wonderful?  No more more more more more suffering...just serving Jesus and enjoying that which He has in store for His Own!
I want to see YOU there, too!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Treasured time!

In the early, early when
the lights begin to shine,
hummingbirds are busy seeking
out the sweetest wine.
Other birds are busy singing,
welcoming the day;
and God and I are listening
to what each has to say.

That time again when all creation,
once again, is new...
that time when all that grows outside
is savoring the dew...
that time of living quiet that,
most certainly, is not...
it is that time when Christ, my full
attention, He has got!

O the early, early when
Our time, it is the most!
How beautiful to spend with Father,
Son and Holy Ghost!
Refreshing and rejuvenating,
wonderful with Him!
How heavenly--the early, early
with that glory shim!

Morning.  So valuable. 
YOU have the opportunity to decide how the day will go.  Of course God orders your steps and His will is going to be accomplished, but He so longs and desires for your input, too!
Make the most of that time!

Longing still

Through the day...through situations that rise and fall...through times of rest I am reminded

"How long again?  So overdue
is the return, return of You!
You told us that You would return.
That statement now most men would spurn!

"Yet, even so, come quickly, Lord!"
remains my heartfelt cry!
Oh Lord, that You would come again
and cause Your Own to fly!
Establish, Lord, Your kingdom in
that Paradise Your Own,
where purity, integrity
and peace be surely known!

Come quickly, oh, come quickly,
we long for only You!
You make Your Presence known in
everything we say and do!
But make Your Presence very present
as we see that realm
where is only goodness, Lord,
with Jesus at the helm!

"Come quickly, oh, come quickly!"
all of life to resonate!
O trumpet blast, yes, at last,
that we may celebrate!
No more imperfection.  No more
"darkly...through a glass;"
o but face to face, with Christ our Grace-
eternally to pass!!

Again, the soul to cry out "Jesus, come again!!"
But we will yet press on, trusting that more would recognize Him as their Savior when He arrives!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Shoreline

So much happening...all at the speed of life.
Sometimes, that 'speed' is not always enjoyable!  But I know where we can escape...

Silence on the shoreline

save waves that do not end;
In a place immune from time
we walk now with our Friend.
He has seen the issues of
the year that we have had,
and He has NEVER left our side
through good or through the bad.
And notice, on the shoreline,
our Friend is even here!
He even talks about all things,
(as only HE sees clear!)
He has heard all that was said
and seen all that was done,
yet He is still right here beside-
the one and only One!

So wonderful, the shoreline,
and, more, the Company!
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
Blessed Trinity!
The Creator in creation
chaperones we two
and tries to help us to make sense
of what the world can do.

Silence on the shoreline?
No!  Constant adoration
as my wife and I enjoy
His precious restoration!

Faithful God, meeting us at His creation, having exactly what we need.
Though life continues on at a certain pace, we remain so blessed!


Monday, January 5, 2015


Focus again.
Focus!  Focus!  Focus!
I could pen words from now until the end of time, but unless God inspires them and puts them where they belong, that's all they'll ever be--words!
The Holy Spirit takes hold of them, though...  Excuse me, Holy Spirit takes hold of ME and causes words to flow and bless.
Often, I must stop, clear my mind and my paper, and reaffirm "Lord, these are YOUR talents.  What do YOU want them to say?"
So I get out the Bible, (Poet's Edition,) and read Psalm 9:

"Oh God, I long to worship and
adore You with my heart!
To serve You with my being, Lord,
yes, every single part!
To give to You all that I can
for You to utilize;
conform me that, in ALL of me,
there's You to recognize!

Oh God, I long to find, in You,

that refuge that is real!
This world, it offers counterfeit,
with motives to conceal!
But You, for You are real and have
my very best in mind;
therefore, I know that rest and
restoration I will find!

O God, I long to find in You

that mercy and relief.
You've made for me a path that so
delivers me from grief!
All of me is Your concern,
thus, all of You, I crave!
I am Yours and You are mine-
deliver, heal and save!"

Faithful God.

I know that when I cry out to Him to help me focus once more, He causes all of that which distracts me from Him to somehow fade away!  He reveals Himself to me again in REAL ways that cause the words to flow once again!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


(These words are not written for my glory, but for God's glory through me.)
So, you think you're worth something, huh?  To who?!
I wondered that one day.  Here is how the rest of the day went:

At an unfamiliar place,
a quiet place to dine.
"That table over by the wall.
It will do just fine."
Quite a few more in this place,
a few faces but no names;
It's places such as this where God
enjoys His many games!

"Excuse me.  Do you recognize me?"

(torturous to me!!)
"When I conduct business with you,
God is Who I see.
Thank you for who you are and how
you let God move through you;
it's but a small reminder of
the many things you do!"

So, you still think you're worth something?  YOU ARE!!  Of a truth, you are worth something to God.  He sent His very Son for you.  You may be surprised to find out who else you are worth something to.  Whoever you are and whatever you do, someone looks forward to seeing you each day.  They look forward to your smile.  They look forward to your greeting.  They look forward to your encouragement.  They look forward to....the list goes on!  Don't disappoint them. 
It is God moving through you.
It is Holy Spirit drawing them to you.
It is Jesus speaking and reaching through you.
Why are They using you?  Because you are available!

Friday, January 2, 2015

One Apology

Looking at some people...
Watching loved ones...
Visiting some old friends...
Relationships take work.  In relationships, the gamut of emotions be run!
That said, one of the most difficult duties is an apology...

Why is it that apologies
are oh so hard to find?
Is it because "proud" is how
we each have been designed?
Two little words, "I'm sorry," yet
so difficult to say;
is it because I must be right?
I must have my own way?

O so very difficult-
the first one to give in?
But don't you know how cruel and
how hateful they have been?
The statements they have said to me,
"I'm sorry" is not one!
Can't I forgive them anyway
and call this issue "done!"?

But is it yet TOO difficult
to do what needs to be?
Forgiveness has to happen and
it must begin with me!
I have to set aside the hurt
and move beyond the pain
if I want that relationship
to grow at all again.

Unforgiveness.  What a wretched way to end the year!
Bitterness.  What a horrible way to start the new year!
An apology.  What a priceless gift to give someone to help US move forward into the year that God has planned for us!
Don't hold back!