Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Camp House

Visiting my son a few months ago, he took us and showed us the new location of their church.  They moved into the bottom floor of a lifeless parking garage in the inner-city and turned it into a living, vibrant place where "church" happens seven days a week!

In a place of living,
a blessed locale of life!
Off the street, into a place
away from pain and strife.
Musicians and their tools
crafting adoration-
making welcome Christ the King,
a mission of elation!

In a place of living,
a family to belong!
We are ALL related as
we fellowship in song!
We are brothers...we are sisters...
so has He created;
we need the life of one another
because we are related!

In a place of living,
loving one another,
all the while focusing
on Christ, our Elder Brother!
God has made us gather for to
come before His Throne
that His Presence, in ourselves,
may certainly be known!

In a place of living;
live, therefore, and live!
Unto one another, in
this place now surely give!
For this we are created as
we worship Him alive!
Know this place of living-
for you need it to arrive.

If you are ever in Chattanooga, make sure you make it downtown to the Camp House.  The Presence of God is there, and they make a very memorable cup of coffee!!

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