Thursday, December 11, 2014

THAT time of year!

How diverse are the emotions as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Those of us who have wonderful memories of Christmas and this time of year must cling to those all the more, because it seems that we are becoming less and less.

Jesus, Jesus, Happy Birthday!
Lord, we celebrate!
You are worthy of all praise;
our lives we dedicate!
You are the One that blesses us
with memories so grand!
You are The Truth of Christmas as
we cling fast to Your hand!

While all the world would try to cling
to that which dies away...
while other men would sneer at us
and say THEY have "the way..."
while others stare at us and wonder
what our joy could be,
we avail ourselves to TRUTH!
Lord, here am I.  Send me!!

Jesus, Jesus, hallelujah!
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
You are The Gift that every man
and woman CAN afford!
Gift of God to every man,
reliever of the stress;
o move upon our hearts and help us
find someone to bless!

Peace.  Christmas is peace.  Jesus is peace.  And it is That Peace that we can all bless each other with without stressing out.
How much would THAT cost you?

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