Sunday, December 28, 2014

Standing for Him!

Stand up for Jesus!  Stand with arms
extended unto Him!
So many ways to worship--
He deserves all each of them!
Reach to Him with everything
You have inside Your heart;
He will accept your offering,
His favor to impart!

Stand down, stand down for Jesus,
in worship and respect.
Bow before His Majesty,
ye chosen, ye elect!
Worship Him in silence...
in deference, be still...
know His voice, know His moving,
know His sovereign will!

Stand next, stand next to Jesus,
example your support!
Today, there is a world with many
items to exhort!
But they are only "things" created,
Jesus--HE'S ALIVE!
Stand for Him.  He will make sure
in Heaven you arrive!

And those aren't the only reasons to stand up, stand beside and stand for Jesus.  Though I be a man of words, I don't know enough words to capture Who and What He is, or what living for Him is like!
The Word declares that His mercies are new every morning.  I find that as I live for Him, these words are new every time I set pen to paper! 
He is that real in my life as I stand up for Him..  He can be that real in yours, too.  Let Him.

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