Sunday, December 28, 2014


Looking at some people,
folks without a cause.
At any time of day, all day,
seems they have time to pause.
Sitting on a wall, they talk
about themselves and others
even their own brothers...

Watching many people-
what purpose can I see?
And in the Name of God Most High,
to them what shall I be?!
I see the need in each of them,
I hear it in their speech;
but I must have God's leading if
I'm ever going to reach!
And ready must they be for to
receive what God would say.
I may see it with these eyes,
but this might not be the day!
Hungry...thirsty...lost and dying...
everyone would lack;
but we must serve them in His love
to keep them coming back.

Watching people from the porch.  Standing around...sitting around...driving up the street and back... Am I any better?  I'm just doing the same.  Worse, I'm just talking about them!
I should be doing something about it.
"Here am I, Lord.  Send me."

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