Saturday, December 6, 2014

Moving Forward

Silence in the morning.
You can, however, "smell" the busyness.
The only noise is the "hum" of the air conditioner, and the "hum" of the hummingbirds!
We are so fortunate.  One of the busiest places in the whole wide world...and I can't hear it!  What a blessing!
I can, however, hear Jesus as He sits here with Debby and I as we have coffee.  What a wonderful conversation!  So simple.  So beautiful.  So necessary.  So painful.  The topic of our conversation is one that the three of us have never talked about together.  On the other side of the wall, my daddy is fading fast.  Mom is taking care of him the best that she can, but the end is in sight.  I have been this close before, but not with someone so close to my heart.
I love this...I hate this...all at the same time.
So many that I know have been at this very table.  So many of my own.  So many of my congregation.  Even complete strangers who come into the restaurant for but a cup of coffee.  We can all be at the same table as we talk about Jesus and His ability to get us through these times.  Not to help us avoid these times...not to help us forget these times...but help us through.
Yes.  We will get through this.  It will take many more cups of coffee and moments spent together.  Something laughing.  Sometimes crying.  Sometimes just conversing.  Sometimes saying not a word.  But always going forward.
Rest in peace, daddy.

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