Thursday, December 18, 2014


"Jesus, You are more..."

You are more awesome than the places
that You make by hand!
O God, You are more beautiful
than sky or sea or land!
Your Holy Word cries out, in truth,
the wonder that You are,
and we behold it constantly;
(and never from afar!!)

You are, Lord, more incredible
than all created things!
Of the greatness of You, Father,
all creation sings!
Even that so far beyond
creation as we know
bends the knee in awe of You-
pure reverence to bestow!

Your awe and wonder far exceeds
all places and all things;
the very same cries out to You!
It celebrates and sings!
O, that man would realize
the splendor of Your grace!
Join that song and sing along
inside Your Holy Place!

The wise men were in sheer wonder as they beheld Jesus Christ the Lord.
Even the angels in the heavens were singing in honor of Him!
Should not our very lives exude grace, gratitude, mercy and love as we live each and every moment?  The reality of Jesus inside of us should cause all of those qualities to be so evident that they draw men to Him!

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