Thursday, December 25, 2014


It's all about Jesus!
What a blessing it is, though, that we get to get together on HIS birthday!  Some of us even get to exchange gifts!
What did you give in His honor?

What a blessing!  What a gift!
How wonderful the day!
So blessed are those so able to
give gifts upon this day!
So blessed are those receiving that
which comes as a surprise!
And blessed are those who cannot give-
so many, I surmise.

What a blessing!  What a gift
to merely be alive!
To take a breath and know that,
to this day you yet survive.
Even if you cannot give,
still you can celebrate
by singing "Happy Birthday" unto
Jesus--good and great!

The presents and the gifts are not
the only presents here.
Life, itself, the greatest gift,
is yours for one more year!
Don't count your blessings by the bags
and boxes you unwrap-
to see it as 'material'
is just a vicious trap!
But know the gift that each new day is,
handle it with care!
Know the Giver of that gift
and go to Him in prayer!
That which He provides and every
gift that He bestows
is greater far than anything
with fancy wraps and bows!

What a blessing!  What a gift:
Call His Name out every day
and Christmas will arrive!

And Christmas WILL arrive!  God sent Jesus to us.  Not 'just another gift,' but the greatest Gift of all!
Share Him freely with each other!

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