Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jesus, the Song!

'Tis the season to sing abut the life that Jesus is for ALL men!
Looking around, however, there are folks who just do not have a song.  It hurts!

O put a song inside the hearts

of them that haven't one.
It only takes awareness of
Lord Jesus Christ, the Son!
The Presence of Him dwelling in
that chamber so alive
so causes melodies of joy
and verses to arrive!

Yes, place a song inside the hearts
of them that do not know
salvation's awesome melody--
Lord Jesus to bestow!
He is singing!  He is dancing!
Celebrating, too,
all inside that wondrous heartsong
constantly anew!

O put a song where it is absent!
Lord, too many know
only what the world says
about how life should go!
But You have got a better plan,
a plan of victory!
So much greater, so much more
than what this world can see!

JESUS CHRIST!  That song alive
that reconstructs the heart!
In Him live the ingredients
for brand new life to start!
He is ALL you ever need
to make it to the end;
Jesus Christ--Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ, the living Song!
Even the angels recognized the song at His birth!
O join with them and with me as we sing the life that Jesus was, is and ever will be!

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