Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hymns and carols

The songs that raise us up...
As I wrote yesterday, they are those melodic words about Jesus and life in Him!
Today finds my heart being tugged toward Christmas.  There were many constants in our lives about Christmas, not the least of which being the songs and carols that mom & dad played and sang at length.
This Christmas, however, is like no other I've had in 54 years.  Daddy is no longer with us to celebrate.

What is it like to celebrate
With Jesus Christ the King?
What is it like to look at angels
as they brightly sing?!
What is it like where time and other
limits are unknown?
What's Christmas like where daddy is?
I know he's not alone!!
He's celebrating now with many

friends and family passed.
He's celebrating without pain
and problems that amassed!
He's making melody without
a care upon his heart!
Nobody cares about his voice
or if he holds his part!
They're only celebrating life
that does not have an end.
They're celebrating Jesus Christ--
And I can't help but think they cheer us on
unto that day so near
when we will once more celebrate,
together, Christmas cheer!

We are all desirous of daddy's presence here as we celebrate Jesus' birth.  I am reminded, however, that He is in a place with Jesus Himself, desiring us to be there with him!
Merry Christmas, daddy.  We miss you, but we'll see you again!

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