Thursday, December 18, 2014


Travelling the country.  Driving for days to get to places that take days to return from...hopping on a plane to do it more matter where it is and what the mode of travel is, there's no place like home!

Back alive inside that place
where He is living so!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
into Your house I go!
Gone too long from that holy
place where You reside,
but all the while have You been with me-
right along beside!

Oh, the House of God, so living,
beautiful also!
How wonderful to be with them
with like faith to know!
So good to be away with them
that love me for so long,
and good, as well, to be with them
with whom I share a song!

Oh, Your house and them that live
in fellowship so sweet!
Oh, Your house where we become
so healthy and complete!
Take me there, oh keep me there
until I must return;
that house of celebration, healing
and where all can learn!

What a blessing to be back in attendance at church!
Situations of life arise that prevent us from going to church for one reason or another.  Fellowshipping elsewhere suffices, but nothing beats going to church where they know you and love you!

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