Saturday, December 27, 2014

His Own!

Who do you belong to?  Where is your heart?

Jesus Christ, my Lover,
Protector and my Friend,
our relationship, for it
shall never have an end!
The love that He has for me-
nothing greater have I known!
He looks into my eyes and
reassures "You are My own!"

"You are My own..." What greater promise

could there ever be?
God through Jesus Christ is Father
unto such as we!
O and all a father is
supposed to be...AND MORE!
When He says "You are My own,"
that's what He says it for!

I am His own, and He is mine,
and everything that's good!
All that Father God is to us-
not another could!
For Jesus Christ--He has no
comparison at all!
I am so fortunate that He
sent out to me That Call!

And That Call goes out to every man.  At one point (and many others!) Jesus Christ will call you.  How will you respond?
It is certainly my prayer that you will answer Him with a sincere "YES!" and make Him lord of your life!  He loves you that much!

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