Saturday, December 6, 2014

Faithful Spirit

Oh, the untapped, unlimited bounty of what to say about God!
I depend upon it as I am once again led to pick up the pen...

I seek for verses yet unknown
about my God and king;
words assembled for HIS glory-
"Sing, my spirit sing!"
I only have to trust in Him
the moments to assign
then to surely flow the words
and verses--line-by-line!
Verses yet unknown about
my Father and His ways.
At the end will be a message
giving Him all praise!
He is God!  He is good!
He is faithful, too,
as, even at THIS point, His glory
surely comes in view!

God is good, God is great,
God is everything.
Join in words of acclamation
Give Your breath to honor Him!
O give Your life, as well!
Give to Him far more than unknown

living verses tell!

Ever-faithful, ever-beautiful, everlasting source of information about my God!  Once again producing verses that reveal more about Him.  He is Holy Spirit, and He is ALWAYS showing me more and giving me more to say.
We are so blessed!

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