Saturday, December 13, 2014

Expensive time?

Less than two weeks until Christmas.
12 days until we celebrate Jesus' birthday again!
Do I have time?

"It is well!  It is well!"
my soul to boldly cry!
In a place where Jesus Christ
is honored, there go I!
Christmas is upon us, seen
in every "business" place,
but I want Christmas in my heart
and put there by His grace!

I have a list of packages...
agendas, too, have I.
The closer to the end of year
would "busy" signify!
But there is something greater, something
each one can afford:
take a step back and relax
and spend time with The Lord!

It is a time of "spending,"
so most of us are taught;
but the greatest "spending" is
on what cannot be bought!
Time with Jesus Christ Himself-
the greatest gift of all!
Put it on YOUR agenda
as Christmas comes to call!

No matter how long your shopping list matter how many people you have to buy for (or FEEL you must buy for!)...God Himself desires of you quiet, peaceful time with Him and with each other.  You know, "Peace on earth."  And you CAN afford it if you just try.

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