Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Early with Everything

First thing in the morning.  Your head begins to swirl with all of the appointments...assignments... calls...WAIT!  There is something far more important than any and all of that:

Early once again before
the day begins to live.
Talking with my Jesus, finding
what the day should give.
He is living!  He is present,
He is all we need;
He knows and orders all my steps--
oh, He is good, indeed!

Early, early in the quiet
where I hear Him best.
Walking at the speed of life,
I am, I am so blest!
He is already there this evening
when my labors cease,
so I can trust Him all the day,
yes, all my cares release!

Early, early--what a present:
one more day to live!
He has given life; say, then,
what have I got to give?
Save all of me unto His lead,
His calling and His way.
How wonderful to be with Jesus
early in the day!

Yes, so wonderful it is to start the day with Jesus!  He is already there.  Don't ignore Him!  He already has everything you need to be successful today.  Don't refuse it!  And even though He is all and He has all, He still desires you...ALL OF YOU!
Call out His wonderful Name and hold nothing back!

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