Saturday, December 27, 2014


We are all residents in an unhappy world.  The daily papers and news programs are replete with proof of that!
Are you going to let that affect your happiness?

Be happy!  O be happy!
Hope and trust in God!
Depend upon Him.  He loves you!
Your life does He applaud!
So very much is happening
that seeks to drag you down,
but know His favor, know His love!
He has, for you, a crown!

No matter what is wrong.
Find your hope in knowing that,
to Him, do you belong!
You are His.  He is yours-
be happy knowing that!
Strengthen in His blessed joy-
for that is where it's at!

Be happy and be happy,
and then be happy more
knowing God is on your side
and what He has in store!
Life is going to happen-
how will you respond?
Trust Him, yes, depend on Him
Who, of you, is so fond!

God loves you.  There is no earthly way to know how much.  The Bible even declares that "He rejoices over you with singing!"  I have a multitude of words.  The sum of them cannot even capture the amount of love He has for you!  And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
That should cause you to be happy!

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