Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Christmas Eve

Blessings on you this evening.  Thank you for allowing me to spend a little time with you.

The night before Christmas
again is upon.
Soon, all the décor and
the hype will be gone!
But that which is lasting
for longer than season
is all about Jesus-
for He is The Reason!
He is The One that
I look for each year
to keep me in focus
and keep my head clear!
He is the One Who
gives presents to me-
such value that they can't
fit under a tree!

The night before Christmas
with friends on my heart,
and loved ones--it pains me
that we are apart!
But we are together
with Jesus ALWAYS,
as we celebrate this
most holy of days!!

If you are fortunate enough to spend Christmas with the ones you love, TELL THEM!  Don't take any of the time spent together for granted!  We will be together at this house...but not until a day or two later.
Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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