Saturday, December 27, 2014

ALL about Jesus!

Jesus.  It's all about Jesus.
ALL about Jesus? 
Hmm...I know some who can go through the entire day without a mention or even a notice of Him!  I can't.  I have a, ability to notice Him or glorify Him in just about all I see or do.
Again, He IS that real!
Some days, I see people all day long.  Not all of them are having a good day.  Some of them do not have any good days, but if you smile at them and bless them, that might change.
There are a few that I know that when I say "God bless you!" to them, it's like throwing gasoline onto a fire!  However painful that may be to me, I have done what I was called to do, and those words will eventually find the good soil.
Most people, however, respond favorably when you spread joy, which is part of what we are called to do to begin with.

"Jesus, Jesus, once again
to glorify Your Name,
I worship you without restraint
and, surely, without shame!
For You are why I am alive,
You are that life within!
You prosper me, You counsel me,                        
You cancel all my sin!
And Jesus, You accompany
but every step I take!
Even to direct the same,
and choices that I make!
Even to direct all living
that goes on around;
somehow, in that which happens,
Your Presence, it is found!
You cannot force my heart in
anything this life will hold,
but You can guide me with Your hand,
and victory be told!

Jesus, Jesus, all for You
and Your calling sure.
Creation even glorifies You
in ways o so pure!
And I will join creation as
I live for You each day!
Jesus, my salvation and
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

The Bible tells us, and living for God proves, that Jesus will live inside us and move us and guide us as we submit to Him. 
Have you discovered that yet?

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