Friday, December 5, 2014


You are alive.  I am alive.  We are alive!  And there is a world out there that is dying! 
God has placed so much inside of us to help those out there who are not living.  In fact, He doesn't want us to be merely 'living,' He wants us to be THRIVING!

You give me life at all that I
might lay it down for You;
You give me breath, and words to make
a verbal rendezvous;
You give to me a means for to
recall the very same;
You do it all that I might be
a praise unto Your Name!

A praise to glorify You...
a life that is Your Own...
an opportunity that, through me,
You would become known.

All that You give to me and
the ones that You anoint-
we magnify You unto all
that, Lord, You would appoint!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord of all
and Giver of all things!
My hand, for it is in Your Own,
my heart, for You it sings!

You are gifted, too!  God has special and specific talents and qualities that are exclusive to you.  The only issue is whether or not you will use them for Him.  Will you allow Him to move through you?  He certainly will when you let Him!

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