Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A gift from THERE?!

How very crude environs...
can we understand?
With all the comforts that we know
can our reasoning stand?
All this for the very highest
Royalty to be:
in a stable, with the livestock
and the stars to see.

So humble His beginning.
Fit for Royalty?
Hand-delivered presents-
fit for a King they be!
Visitors from far away
followed His Own star!
To grasp the situation, though,
remains so very far!

A king inside a manger?!
The King of kings is He!
No matter what the world sells,
He is not competition,
He is not merchandise!
He is the greatest Gift of all
and God, He paid the price!!

God, He paid the price.
That's right.  Jesus Christ is God's gift to each and every one of us.
Do not leave that Gift unopened.
Do not merely brush that Gift aside.
It may not be the most beautiful gift in your eyes, but there is no other gift of more value!

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