Thursday, November 6, 2014

Two weeks later

(Several of these posts may sound jumbled, but those of you who know what my brain does will understand.  All of these words were written either during the trip or just afterwards, so the timeline may not jive.  Just read them from the heart.  This was written last week at our kids' house.)

"From death to life?"
"From dying to living?"
Some would say so.  But I would say "From living to living!"
Last week, we were enjoying the lives of four dear loved ones, while life was slipping away from one of them.  This week, I am participating in the lives of four others.  There are only three others there.
God bless daddy and rest his soul.

God bless daddy for touching so many lives.
God bless daddy for having so many answers.
God bless daddy for knowing or figuring out how to fix whatever was brought to him...even if he had to invent it!  Repairman...mechanic...machinist...wood smith...whatever the job called for, somehow daddy always had the tools AND the skills.
Daddy's gone now.  Now what do we do?  Now what do we do?  We savor the wonderful memories of him and press on.  Press on using the wonderful skills that we learned from him and mom.  Successful have we been so far.
From dying to living: sitting on the floor helping Theo put the track together...while Annabelle goes behind us taking it apart!  Thomas and his friends need new places to go, and Theo and I must create them!
"Here, Annabelle, you play with this while papa and I play trains," he says.
My bones are aching from three straight days of riding in a car, but I forget about the pain as he shows me how to properly put Thomas and his friends on the track.
The hardwood floor doesn't seem to affect my joints as I listen to them laugh!
The miles of road behind us are forgotten in the presence of four more wonderful people making room in their home for us.
From living to living!

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