Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Veteran

This time, however, it's "Daddy, the war veteran."
Dad was in the engine room of a destroyer during the Korean conflict, a civil service instructor at Pearl Harbor in the '60's, and then retired a machinist at Camp Pendleton in the 70's.
Being Veteran's Day, there are so many men and women that I am so thankful for, so many that deserve our respect and gratitude, but one veteran is central in my heart and in my thoughts.

I never heard him tell somebody

"I do not know how..."
"You'll have to take this somewhere else..."
"I cannot do this now..."

I'd sit for hours listening to

how he fixed something...
I'd stand beside him in the shop-
machinery can sing!

I learned respect for veterans watching
daddy through the years;
that carries through to each and every
one who volunteers!

"Thank you!" cries my heart to each

and every one that's served!
Thanks to my dad, much gratitude,
in my heart is reserved!

Five years ago, I called daddy on Veteran's Day and told him "thank you" for serving.  There was silence on the other end.

"Daddy, are you there?" 
I could barely hear him.  With a shaky voice, he said "Jimmy, I'm here.  It's just that no one's ever told me that before."
Then there was silence at my end.  I have been thanking Veterans for years for their service.  It never occurred to me that I never thanked my own dad.
Have you thanked yours?

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