Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Next Day...

If you remember, the last "Words" I sent out was around 10/10.  The next day, I received a call from mom saying that daddy was under hospice care.  Debby & I dropped everything and drove out there as fast as we could...with a world of uncertainties swirling around in our heads.
I was way too emotional to speak, so I let my pen do it.  Here are the first words on the road:

On my way to see someone
that I may never see;
though a blessing wonderful,
emotional I be.

On my way to see a hero
in his final days.
So many verses to exude
and ALL be words of praise!

On my way to see a friend,
finally...at last!
Embarrassed, disappointed that
too many years have passed
since I've been with him to listen,
to learn and to enjoy.
Cell phone, Skype and internet,
this time, I can't employ.

On my way to see my daddy,
battling the tears.
No amount of preparation
softens what appears!
Only Jesus in my heart
stays me on this route.
I cling to Him, not knowing what
tomorrow is about!

On my way...time alone
to hinder being there.
Desiring severely, one last time
with him to share.

We made it!  We got to spend over a week with dad, mom, my brother and sister.
I'll tell you more about that next time.

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