Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 3

Well, that was a quick trip, and we did get there in time! 
I was not, however, expecting to see what I saw.  Debby has worked with the aged for most of her life.  I worked with her very briefly when we first got married.  (A looooong time ago!)  All the way out, she attempted to prepare me for what we might see.  It was either worse than what I decided, or I did not listen to her...or both!
I sat next to daddy's bed the next day.  My sister asked if I wanted to feed him.  I didn't know someone had to until I got there.  (Those of you who know how my hands shake are probably smiling right now!)  Yes, I fed him, but he made it known that I was going too slow!  As he fell back to sleep, I wrote

Sitting beside a hero.  Not believing we made it across the country in time!
We got a call the other night.  We made arrangements and then drove for two days.  I can't believe we made it here that fast.  Looking at daddy, I can't believe he made it this long!

Sitting beside a hero.  That tough, indestructible man.
He gets out one or two words, three at the most, in between coughs.
Turns out he IS fragile, after all.
As I sit at his bedside, he talks to who isn't there...then he says something completely logical to me in full sentence.  I hate this!

Sitting beside a hero.  The rough, tough man that helped raise me.  He is in all but a fetal position struggling to breathe.  I try to hold my hand still enough to feed him...but can't.  I wipe the tears and try to use my left hand.  I love this!

Sitting next to a hero as he fades in and out.  He smiles and opens his eyes when I say certain things, like telling him about the grandkids.  His voice gets strong and you can hear his pride.  The hero is fighting his last battle.  I hate this!  No one deserves to die this way, but the hero's wife tells me that she would rather take care of him than anything else.  Usually she is holding the bowl.  One spoonful at a time...tending to all of the inconveniences that dying brings about...yet doing all she can to preserve the hero's dignity.  God bless her!

Standing beside a hero--the one who stood beside me all my life.  God bless him!!

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