Friday, November 7, 2014

At last

As I said, we got into the car and got to California as fast as we could.  After a couple of days, after a lot of emotion, I sat in daddy's room and wrote

At last, I'm present with my friend.
He is much closer to the end
than ever I could realize-
you can see it in his eyes.

For the first time, once again,
whether I lose, whether I win,
what I possess or do not own,
in THIS place, it is unknown!

At last and, likely, for the last,
I'm with my friend.  Soon, he'll be passed.
Until I, too, am at the end--
only then to comprehend?

I'm with a friend I love the most.
The years we've had--of such I boast
because he so enriched each one!
He is my dad.  I am his son.

I'm with a friend I'll never lose.
Thus, painful words, I now must choose:
"Take him, Lord, for I release."

"I love you, daddy.  Rest in peace."

It hurts!  I thought I was ready for this! 
I've consoled many folks in this same place.  I've spoken at funerals for friends, loved ones, and folks I barely knew...but this is new!  Thank God for the hope he gives us and the assurance I have that I will see daddy again!  And he won't be suffering!

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