Sunday, October 5, 2014

World Communion Sunday

Communion.  What a precious privilege!  What an honor.  What a gift!  May we be ever mindful to keep His elements and give them due honor in our lives!

The Body and the Blood-
uniting us always;
simple bread and simple drink-
simple, honest praise!
At the table, one prepared
by Jesus Christ alone,
by a love by which each,
around the world, be known!
The Body and the Blood, so simple,

so complex, however!
Binding many hearts to Jesus-
not a thing may sever!!
"Take and eat, take and drink
know that you are Mine!
Love ye one another, I
will make it then divine!"

O the Body, o the Blood,

o the Lord alive!
Be ye wholly dedicated,
in HIS heart arrive!
"Love ye one another that
I may be seen in you!
Commune with Me, dine with Me
that I may stay in view!"

The Body and the Blood.  Jesus Christ alone.  More than ritual...more than habit...HE IS LIFE!  Don't ever take Him for granted!


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