Friday, October 3, 2014


I overheard some the things being told to a friend this morning:
"It's gonna take awhile..."
"You need some time away to heal..."
"Maybe you should talk to someone..." 
They were right.  The loss is going to take awhile, but I know exactly where he can go and Who he can talk to!

Jesus--He's The Answer, and

available always!
He listens and responds, no matter
how have gone the days.
While others may be busy with
the busyness at hand,
we can turn to Jesus and
He'll always understand.

No matter what the pain is,
no matter what is wrong,
Jesus arms are reaching out--
He's right there, all along!
He's listening, He's holding,
escorting you through all!
Noises, they abound, but we
must listen to Him call!

The loss, the situation,
whatever is the need,
Jesus is right there and He
desires to intercede!
He even puts us in that place
where He can use us most,
even in those places where
the worst is diagnosed.

You never know where you will be today when God decides to use you.  You may not even know what He will use you for!  You may not even know until much later that He even used you!  Just be there.  Available.  The world needs you.

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