Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Another day...another message...another..."same old thing?'
The spectacle--creation!
Amazing and amusing;
and greater, The Creator-
the things that He is using!
His ways, for they are not our own,
(although He knows us well!)
His ways--because we are His Own,
they lead and they compel!

Creator, not creation,

deserves to be adored!
Behold His very handiwork
and cry out to Him "LORD!"
For that which be most glorious
no manufacture be,
yet the most spectacular
are we allowed to see!

Creator, not creation,

we worship Him always!
Merely open up your eyes
and give to Him due praise!
He speaks such into existence
and for all of time!
Creator OF creation--He's
the ONLY Paradigm!!

Another day?  No!  A BRAND NEW day!  Every moment of your day is brand new!   "Right now" has never been before!  Learn this truth and start to look around at just how beautiful, how precious, how 'original' His each creation is!


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