Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Beyond the entertainment,
above the excitement,
greater than emotion...there is Jesus!
Sure, all of those things are wonderful.  They can greatly enhance our worship and adoration of Him.  However, they can also 'mask' the honesty of Him, or we can use the same things in which to hide from him.
God can be so complex, while at the same time, be so simple:
He is the ultimate entertainer, but He is much greater than mere 'entertainment.'
Jesus is so exciting...while being far greater than mere 'excitement.'
Jesus is every emotional, but higher, greater, deeper than mere 'emotion!'
Give Jesus your heart.  He can take care of it better than you can.
Give Him your talents.  (Yes, you DO have talents!)  He will use them for His glory and you will be amazed at what He can accomplish!
Give Jesus your life.  He will make it more abundant than anything you can imagine!
And don't forget to give Him your soul. 
Jesus is everything.  You cannot add to Everything, but you can sure be part of Him!  Don't let anything or anyone stop you!!

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