Friday, October 10, 2014

Living words

Yesterday, we talked about Jesus The Word. 
In prayer today, in talking with people today, in reading responses today, God helps me continue to see that He gives me words so that I will share them with others.

Words of life so living
regarding Jesus, Lord.
Will they be read with interest.
or will they be ignored?
Will they make any difference

in anybody's day?
Will someone actually pause and think
of what the words will say?

But, once more, I am led to write,
though questions surely are.
I am told to tell of Him,
(though THIS life seems so far!)
I am told to write about
things I have never seen;
the Spirit to direct my pen-
so subtle and so keen!

Words of life and living-
in verses would they flow.
One only inspiration,
Jesus, Whom we know!
For I shall glorify Him
and honor Him always
by writing ALL He says to write:

He gives us The Word for us to devour and share.
He gives each of us words to encourage us and encourage others.
What is He saying to you?  Are you listening?  Are you obeying?

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