Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jesus, The Word alive!

We have so much wealth right in the palm of our hand!  How many of us open It up?

Your Word, Lord, and Your word-
More wonderful than ever I have heard!
More frightening than any author here!
O, more promises to them that persevere!

"Father God, thank You for Your Word.  Please forgive me for ignoring it and taking it for granted.  I'm sorry."

So wonderful and so alive,
so glorious, so real,
the Word of God-so deep inside
my being to conceal!
"Hide it in your heart..." I'm told
by Him Who is all living;
from there, life and so alive
that Word is always giving!
Hidden in my heart...but so
escaping constantly
as this life requires that I
utilize it free!
Everything about this life-
is addressed in Christ, The Word-
and constantly so giving!

Jesus, Jesus--Living Word--
I live for You, I dine on You,
You cause me to disperse
the love and wisdom I receive
as I stay fast in You!
Your Word and Your words, O Word,
shall ever I pursue!"

The Bible.  So alive and living!  Give it the rightful place in your life...your daily life!

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