Monday, October 6, 2014


It seems that we cannot turn around anymore without the "negative" bombarding us!  From world situations all the way down to the next-door neighbors.  It doesn't even take that, for we can run into the opposition just by getting out of bed!  If it is not 'someone' or 'something' trying to oppose or discourage us, the enemy is right there doing all that he can.  However,

There is peace while it can be found.

There is love that ever will abound.
There is life that does not have an end.
There is ONE that you call Brother...Master...Friend!

O savor peace while it can be found!
Though "issues" may continually abound,
in One Person there is always peace,
and He bids the 'insignificant' to cease!

There is One, and They abound for sure!
Call out to Jesus, He'll help you endure!
The "issues" of this life will not last long;
praise Him, therefore, sing His living song!

There is peace...though the battle rages;
there is peace...though people turn against you;
there is peace...though the medical reports say otherwise;
there is Peace...and He is above all of the scenarios and situations that this life can come up with!
That Peace is Jesus!  He is eternal, while ALL other "issues" are temporary! 
Keep your heart and your eyes on the Eternal!

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