Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm sorry!

We are so blessed.  We are so fortunate.  We are so wealthy.
I hear and read prayer requests all day.  The "things" that I sometimes ask for are so insignificant compared to what others go through, what others have or do not have.  God forgive me!

"Oh Father, please forgive me.
I'm wealthy, this I know.
I ask, Lord, and You answer,
sometimes, it's even "No!"
I have so much I must put some
in storage until then...
truth be told, I should take that
and share it with all men!

Yes, Father, please forgive me,
I'm wealthier in ways
that bless men and sustain them for
who knows how many days!
For I contain You and Yourself
so freely to dispense;
to hoard You for my very own-
it makes not any sense!

Oh Father God, I'm sorry
for giving not Your life
to them that are so starving,
whose days have so much strife!
I turn, Lord, from such selfishness,
such "!"
Oh use me and all that I am
so that YOUR glories be!"

God is THE Source and Supplier.  God is our Provider.  God is The One Who answers our prayers.  God is the One Who has blessed me with this abundance...but for what?
Can YOU do anything today that will make a difference FOR GOD in this world?

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