Friday, October 10, 2014

Living words

Yesterday, we talked about Jesus The Word. 
In prayer today, in talking with people today, in reading responses today, God helps me continue to see that He gives me words so that I will share them with others.

Words of life so living
regarding Jesus, Lord.
Will they be read with interest.
or will they be ignored?
Will they make any difference

in anybody's day?
Will someone actually pause and think
of what the words will say?

But, once more, I am led to write,
though questions surely are.
I am told to tell of Him,
(though THIS life seems so far!)
I am told to write about
things I have never seen;
the Spirit to direct my pen-
so subtle and so keen!

Words of life and living-
in verses would they flow.
One only inspiration,
Jesus, Whom we know!
For I shall glorify Him
and honor Him always
by writing ALL He says to write:

He gives us The Word for us to devour and share.
He gives each of us words to encourage us and encourage others.
What is He saying to you?  Are you listening?  Are you obeying?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jesus, The Word alive!

We have so much wealth right in the palm of our hand!  How many of us open It up?

Your Word, Lord, and Your word-
More wonderful than ever I have heard!
More frightening than any author here!
O, more promises to them that persevere!

"Father God, thank You for Your Word.  Please forgive me for ignoring it and taking it for granted.  I'm sorry."

So wonderful and so alive,
so glorious, so real,
the Word of God-so deep inside
my being to conceal!
"Hide it in your heart..." I'm told
by Him Who is all living;
from there, life and so alive
that Word is always giving!
Hidden in my heart...but so
escaping constantly
as this life requires that I
utilize it free!
Everything about this life-
is addressed in Christ, The Word-
and constantly so giving!

Jesus, Jesus--Living Word--
I live for You, I dine on You,
You cause me to disperse
the love and wisdom I receive
as I stay fast in You!
Your Word and Your words, O Word,
shall ever I pursue!"

The Bible.  So alive and living!  Give it the rightful place in your life...your daily life!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Beyond the entertainment,
above the excitement,
greater than emotion...there is Jesus!
Sure, all of those things are wonderful.  They can greatly enhance our worship and adoration of Him.  However, they can also 'mask' the honesty of Him, or we can use the same things in which to hide from him.
God can be so complex, while at the same time, be so simple:
He is the ultimate entertainer, but He is much greater than mere 'entertainment.'
Jesus is so exciting...while being far greater than mere 'excitement.'
Jesus is every emotional, but higher, greater, deeper than mere 'emotion!'
Give Jesus your heart.  He can take care of it better than you can.
Give Him your talents.  (Yes, you DO have talents!)  He will use them for His glory and you will be amazed at what He can accomplish!
Give Jesus your life.  He will make it more abundant than anything you can imagine!
And don't forget to give Him your soul. 
Jesus is everything.  You cannot add to Everything, but you can sure be part of Him!  Don't let anything or anyone stop you!!

Monday, October 6, 2014


It seems that we cannot turn around anymore without the "negative" bombarding us!  From world situations all the way down to the next-door neighbors.  It doesn't even take that, for we can run into the opposition just by getting out of bed!  If it is not 'someone' or 'something' trying to oppose or discourage us, the enemy is right there doing all that he can.  However,

There is peace while it can be found.

There is love that ever will abound.
There is life that does not have an end.
There is ONE that you call Brother...Master...Friend!

O savor peace while it can be found!
Though "issues" may continually abound,
in One Person there is always peace,
and He bids the 'insignificant' to cease!

There is One, and They abound for sure!
Call out to Jesus, He'll help you endure!
The "issues" of this life will not last long;
praise Him, therefore, sing His living song!

There is peace...though the battle rages;
there is peace...though people turn against you;
there is peace...though the medical reports say otherwise;
there is Peace...and He is above all of the scenarios and situations that this life can come up with!
That Peace is Jesus!  He is eternal, while ALL other "issues" are temporary! 
Keep your heart and your eyes on the Eternal!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

World Communion Sunday

Communion.  What a precious privilege!  What an honor.  What a gift!  May we be ever mindful to keep His elements and give them due honor in our lives!

The Body and the Blood-
uniting us always;
simple bread and simple drink-
simple, honest praise!
At the table, one prepared
by Jesus Christ alone,
by a love by which each,
around the world, be known!
The Body and the Blood, so simple,

so complex, however!
Binding many hearts to Jesus-
not a thing may sever!!
"Take and eat, take and drink
know that you are Mine!
Love ye one another, I
will make it then divine!"

O the Body, o the Blood,

o the Lord alive!
Be ye wholly dedicated,
in HIS heart arrive!
"Love ye one another that
I may be seen in you!
Commune with Me, dine with Me
that I may stay in view!"

The Body and the Blood.  Jesus Christ alone.  More than ritual...more than habit...HE IS LIFE!  Don't ever take Him for granted!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm sorry!

We are so blessed.  We are so fortunate.  We are so wealthy.
I hear and read prayer requests all day.  The "things" that I sometimes ask for are so insignificant compared to what others go through, what others have or do not have.  God forgive me!

"Oh Father, please forgive me.
I'm wealthy, this I know.
I ask, Lord, and You answer,
sometimes, it's even "No!"
I have so much I must put some
in storage until then...
truth be told, I should take that
and share it with all men!

Yes, Father, please forgive me,
I'm wealthier in ways
that bless men and sustain them for
who knows how many days!
For I contain You and Yourself
so freely to dispense;
to hoard You for my very own-
it makes not any sense!

Oh Father God, I'm sorry
for giving not Your life
to them that are so starving,
whose days have so much strife!
I turn, Lord, from such selfishness,
such "!"
Oh use me and all that I am
so that YOUR glories be!"

God is THE Source and Supplier.  God is our Provider.  God is The One Who answers our prayers.  God is the One Who has blessed me with this abundance...but for what?
Can YOU do anything today that will make a difference FOR GOD in this world?

Friday, October 3, 2014


I overheard some the things being told to a friend this morning:
"It's gonna take awhile..."
"You need some time away to heal..."
"Maybe you should talk to someone..." 
They were right.  The loss is going to take awhile, but I know exactly where he can go and Who he can talk to!

Jesus--He's The Answer, and

available always!
He listens and responds, no matter
how have gone the days.
While others may be busy with
the busyness at hand,
we can turn to Jesus and
He'll always understand.

No matter what the pain is,
no matter what is wrong,
Jesus arms are reaching out--
He's right there, all along!
He's listening, He's holding,
escorting you through all!
Noises, they abound, but we
must listen to Him call!

The loss, the situation,
whatever is the need,
Jesus is right there and He
desires to intercede!
He even puts us in that place
where He can use us most,
even in those places where
the worst is diagnosed.

You never know where you will be today when God decides to use you.  You may not even know what He will use you for!  You may not even know until much later that He even used you!  Just be there.  Available.  The world needs you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Another day...another message...another..."same old thing?'
The spectacle--creation!
Amazing and amusing;
and greater, The Creator-
the things that He is using!
His ways, for they are not our own,
(although He knows us well!)
His ways--because we are His Own,
they lead and they compel!

Creator, not creation,

deserves to be adored!
Behold His very handiwork
and cry out to Him "LORD!"
For that which be most glorious
no manufacture be,
yet the most spectacular
are we allowed to see!

Creator, not creation,

we worship Him always!
Merely open up your eyes
and give to Him due praise!
He speaks such into existence
and for all of time!
Creator OF creation--He's
the ONLY Paradigm!!

Another day?  No!  A BRAND NEW day!  Every moment of your day is brand new!   "Right now" has never been before!  Learn this truth and start to look around at just how beautiful, how precious, how 'original' His each creation is!