Monday, September 22, 2014


What do you consider "risky?"

I cannot see in front of me,

the storm--it is severe!
Save the streaks of lightning, no
illumination here!
It came so very suddenly,
no preparation time!
I've barely any light to make
these lines and verses rhyme!

I cannot see in front of me,
I'm going to have to trust.
The fact that God is in control-
it cannot be discussed!
He is riding on the storm
and I am in His hand;
He could whisper "Peace," the storm
would heed to His command!

I cannot see in front of me-
I do not have to, though!
God is in complete control,
for this I surely know!
And He will bring me through the storm
no matter how severe!
So very fortunate are them
that have The Father near!

Trust.  We have to trust!  He is worthy of it.  He proves such over and over and...constantly!  Trust is painful at times.  Trust is ALWAYS a risk, but when we learn how faithful God is, we realize that trusting HIM is NEVER a gamble...even when you cannot see a thing!

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