Wednesday, September 24, 2014


God is so faithful to answer our prayers!  He is constantly with us, directing our steps and arranging His good provision for our lives.
That is hard to remember, however, in the desert or in the valley...

So futile and confusing?
So painful and unfair?
Is God at work at times like this
while I be unaware?
The testing and the trials,
the lessons ripe to teach,
the purpose to remain yet hidden
and just out of reach!

We do not have the answers, but
we KNOW that answers are!
It may be yet just out of reach
but that is NOT too far!
Press on, press on, do not give up,
stay firm and do not sway,
and know each of your steps are cast
by Him Who is The Way!

That which you and I face every day may not make very much sense at the time, but if you trust, obey and stay with Him, little-by-little it will start to make sense.  God is faithful!

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