Saturday, September 13, 2014


It's so easy to be distracted from time with God.
It's not easy to be distracted from time with God!

Nothing to erase the love
so real and so true;
nothing to distract from love
provided always new!
Nothing...oh, but everything
come from but one place,
and NOTHING of more value than
our God's abundant grace!

Nothing...yes, and everything
and from One place alone!
Jesus Christ, risen One,
none other to atone.
Loving Jesus, caring Jesus,
Lord and ever living--
He is all and everything,
constantly so giving!

Nothing...not a thing at all
is there for to replace
the love of Jesus, God's own Son,
His mercy and His grace!
The Presence of Him, oh so real,
accompanies always!
Nothing for to interrupt
the flow of heartfelt praise!!

So much to distract...but don't let it!
So much to disrupt...but it's not worth it!
So much to interfere and sway us from the Savior's side, but Jesus Christ Himself is our protection.  Trust Him!

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